Kingdoms: To whom it may concern.

My dearest Kingdom:

It is with great regret and sorrow that I step down from my position. I thought I could lead you, guide you. I thought maybe I was the right fit to usher in a new dawn, to change the world one kingdom at a time. To bring peace to the land. I love this country and my people, and I embody our culture wholly and without embarrassment, but I fear that is not enough. You need someone with a stronger presence. The other leaders of this nation will not take my negotiations seriously, and that is unfair to the People who need protection. It is with a heavy heart that I leave you now, dearest Kingdom.

I am appointing someone who I feel is the type of leader you need. Strong and courageous yet kind and revered. More assertive and forceful but with gentle heart and hands. Someone you can love and enemies will fear.

For in this time and place I am not yet able to support you the way you need or deserve, and the best thing I can do for you now is to leave you in the hands of someone else. Someone who is more capable… someone who is… a King.

xoxo – Queen August

When I turned to page 29 of the nearest book the first word I saw was Kingdoms. And I thought it would be nice to write a letter that reflected on the monarchal system of Victorian times when Kings and Queens ruled the worlds.

To Whom it May Concern.


2 thoughts on “Kingdoms: To whom it may concern.

  1. Interesting approach on this one. I would not have thought to do what you did with the word kingdom. You must have a passion for Victorian times and/or monarchies in general. How difficult it must be for someone to recognize that they are not the right person for the job and that a people are perhaps better off without that person. Your writing reflects that strength (with the appropriate amount of regret). In the 3rd sentence – consider the word “usher” in place of “shuffle”.

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