Dark Clouds.

This morning was crisp and cold. Goosebumps formed on my arms where there had not been any for months. The cold weather is settling in rather quickly these days. It’s rising up rather too fast. There isn’t enough time to adjust to the changes.

Yesterday three men went fishing early in the morning, a custom they were used to. It was a mild day at first, a little chilly but sunny and inviting. These three men were life long friends and all shared a passion for fishing. Life in the Ocean State will do that to you. You grow up here, surrounded by water and the smell of salty air, and then one day it hits you… the ocean is your place. You realize that twenty years have gone by and you couldn’t imagine a day without the beach, even in the winter. The thought of moving anywhere else is repulsive. You need the beauty of a sunset glimmering off a salty, flowing mirror. Fresh seafood bakes to bring your family together are what weekends are made of. Everyone you know has a boat or something made for the water. This is our life here. It was just a normal day in their life when they went fishing that morning.

Apparently later that afternoon the wind over the water picked up. The ocean turned from smooth glass to a swelling ocean. Not one of the three men were bothered by this. As natives of the Ocean State, the ocean is something we learn to respect. We know how it can change from calm to rough in a matter of minutes. Or how it changes from a smooth boat ride to one that tosses you to and fro with the rise and fall of each wave. It’s all part of the beauty, but its also part of the trepidation.

The three men, said the news, were apparently caught in a large swell of waves, when the boat stopped suddenly. When they looked at the engine to see what was wrong they noticed a motor had ripped from the boat and sunk to the ocean floor. It didn’t take much longer for the boat to follow. One of the men got swept away and caught hold of a light house buoy. Another man washed towards the shore, seemingly unconscious as noted by the first man. The third man… well no one knows what happened to him. The first man said he saw him being pulled away and struggling to keep swimming. He yelled is name over the ocean and got no answer except the sound of waves lapping the buoy around him.

Police and volunteers alike searched for days and days. The first two men were found after a couple of days into the search. The third man is still missing. Adam Perry was taken by the cruelty of the ocean he grew to know so well.

Even though they know what they will find, his family continues the search. At this point now they are holding on to the hope that they will find him so they can have closure. Dark clouds form over the rough waters as they continue searching. It’s such a hard thing, to accept death and to give up on the hope of finding life.

Dark Clouds on the Horizon.

This story is entirely based on true events, and I just want to say that I know a member of this family and I am so sorry for their loss and I hope they find their uncle so they can have closure and peace in knowing they brought him home.



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