What is fear? It is an emotional response to a perceived dangerous person, place, or thing. This is the key. Fear is perceived. Sometimes the perceptions are accurate. Such as when someone is afraid of heights, if they were to fall they could be seriously injured or killed. So this fear, although perceive, has merit. What about the fears that are unwarranted? They cause no physical harm or danger. For example… being afraid of the dark. Yes, we can’t see but just sitting in bed in the pitch dark is not dangerous. If you take it at face value, it has no real danger. There are a million kinds of fear out there and every fear is experienced differently by every person. Something that scares me might be nothing to you.

As The Caffeinated Typist said “There’s two categories for problems that come with life. The ones that are in our control, and the ones that aren’t. If we take action for the ones that we have control over and have a positive attitude for the ones we don’t, then what can we truly fear?” I love this statement so much because its so true. We have control, lots of it. If we are afraid of something all we have to do is make a change. Change the circumstance or situation and you change the fear; you make it smaller and control it.

My thought on this is, what happens when we have nothing left to fear? We become afraid of success. We have made our changes and controlled our fears. Now we have everything to lose. Fear can be found in every nook and cranny, deep down in the smallest and ugliest places of our minds and beings. If we had nothing left to fear I believe we would still fear. We would fear fear itself. We would have all this control over our problems and worries and fears and the only thing left to be afraid of would be the fact that we could be afraid again. It’s a conundrum, truly.

Where does fear end? Honestly, I’m not sure if it ever does. I think the closest we can come to ending fear is to embrace it. Run into your fears head on,

Expose yourself to your fears. 


6 thoughts on “Fear.

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Fear is perhaps behind very action and thoughts and not always we noticed it. I agree with you that it never ends and the way out is to have courage to look at fear’s face and accept it… but still move on. Thanks.

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