Italian Wedding Soup

In all honesty its just soup, but at the same time it is the best thing I have ever eaten. I can’t even begin to explain the excitement when I know theres an upcoming holiday or birthday. This means a trip to mema Rosie’s house and her famous home cooked Italian Wedding Soup. The soup is called “wedding” soup but its really an Italian staple at any gathering no matter what the reasoning is.

Our family is cliche, like from a movie. Italian guys with too dark of tans, women who have big hair with way too much hairspray, and everyone whether man or woman is wearing something gold. Every single one of us is way too loud, but it’s perfect. It’s our family. We love each other. I could go months without talking to my family but I know I can always text them or show up at grandmas house and find some amount of my family hanging around. They are welcoming and accepting, but be ready to be made fun of… no one gets off without being teased. It’s all in good fun, though. Our family motto is “If you can’t laugh at yourself with your family, then you shouldn’t laugh.”

Anyway, back to the soup. No matter how informal the occasion we all sit at the dinning room table and have between two and four courses of whatever’s on. Most dishes vary with each season or each holiday but there is one entree that is always present: Italian Wedding Soup. The best part of the soup is the hard boiled egg chunks… sounds weird doesn’t it? Well its delicious. The savory flavor of the eggs goes well with the bite from the spinach, and the sweetness of the carrots. Then theres the teeny tiny meatballs, so good! Of course there is pas-tine in there too, since we are Italians. Oh my god, I’m seriously watering at the mouth just thinking about it.

The best part of the soup is how we all fight over it. No matter how much she makes there never seems to be enough. I tell my grandma “Gimme mostly the dry, with a little wet.” In translation, this means, “I don’t want too much broth, but just a little.” We all fight over the dry, Mema usually has to hide some extra dry in the kitchen after we all had our first bowls to replenish the soup. I cannot WAIT for Thanksgiving. That’s probably the next time I will be having this delectable soup. And I cannot wait.

Happy Occasion!


2 thoughts on “Italian Wedding Soup

  1. OK…I haven’t read anything but the opening line and I’m completely hooked. That’s a great opening. Now, I’ll read the rest…

    Having read a bunch of your posts, I have to say that this one is your BEST. Your reflections on your family are both honest and touching. You should consider writing more personal narratives and/or memoirs. Your voice is strong and refreshing.

    There is a difference between writer’s voice and the conversational style that can sometimes slip into our writing. If you left these lines (and others like them) out, your piece would grow even stronger…

    Anyway, back to the soup.

    Oh my god, I’m seriously watering at the mouth just thinking about it.

    That’s probably the next time I will be having this delectable soup. And I cannot wait.

    • Hahaha thanks! I usually do more personal narrative stuff but I’ve been busy with work and I signed up for the writing 101 thing so I was trying to do the assignments I was given just so I had to hold myself accountable to writing something each day. Or at least every other day.

      Thanks again!

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