What you see…

it isn’t always what you get. On the outside, there are some who could consider her plain, but also not ugly by any means. Her brown hair falls in a straight wave down her back. She doesn’t wear much make-up. Her bare creamy pallet of a face suits her though. Her brown eyes glint behind the lenses of her glasses. Her clothes are ordinary, nothing designer. I prefer this trait of hers. The outside of her is deceiving, seemingly average in every possible way. But her friendship and soul shines through her exterior like a beacon at the shore, guiding me home from the fog.

We met the first week of summer, both going through the grueling training process to be a counselor at Camp M. Out of all of our coworkers, I gravitated towards her. She has an aura around her that exudes kindness. She was genuinely curious about other people’s days, how you were feeling, and if something bothered you. Over the course of the summer we had gotten a bit closer, it was a work friendship. Towards the end of the summer we found much more in common.

We both had a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I could feel the pain in her past just from the look she had when she thought no one was watching. I knew, that like myself, her childhood was less than ideal. Before she ever told me stories about how her dad drove her to school drunk, or how she couldn’t deal with his controlling, OCD hoarding, it felt like I already knew. I felt that same pain, and in this we bonded. At the end of the summer we both got promoted to Site Coordinators. It was very exciting for us. I finally felt like I was being taken seriously and appreciated at my job. For her it was different, I could tell.

I saw the difference that pride made in her face. Her brown eyes now shimmered with hints of gold when she smiled, a real and true smile that you feel with your soul. We started to rely on each other to get through the first couple of weeks in our new positions. I couldn’t imagine doing it without her. When I’m having a really bad morning and I pull up to work, she smiles. Sometimes I can tell by her smile that we both had a bad morning, and sometimes I can tell by her smile that she’s ready to cheer me up. I haven’t had such a good friend in a long time. I’m glad I met this girl. She is a wonderful person. Smart, eager, friendly, funny, subtle, caring, and down right awesome. I’m glad there are people like her in the world, something shiny and bright hidden inside a deceiving box, which makes it all the more better when you find it. At first, I would have described her as average. But she is truly beautiful, and she shines like Krystal.

A Character Building Experience. 


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