A letter in the path.

I went to the grassy area in my neighborhood where they sometimes hold block parties. There’s a wonderful white gazebo and lush green grass, with enough benches for 10 people to sit comfortably. On a bench I spotted an enveloped labeled “Read Me.” This is what it said:

To whoever finds this letter,

I am at a point in my life where I need to escape. I am leaving this letter as a farewell. But not to anyone I know, this is a farewell to you. Maybe we might have met one day… maybe we would have been friends. I’m sure you could have been a good friend. Well stranger-friend, I am tired of being disappointed. In myself and others. Everyone wants me to change, to become who they expect me to be. So in turn I am packing all my things and going away. No one will be able to find me where I’m going. Pass along this message for me, if you please: be yourself and if anyone tells you any different then you don’t need them in your life. I wish I could follow my own advice but I am too cowardly to make these hard changes so I’m disappearing.

Thank you again my could-have-been friend.

Yours Truly,


The handwriting was elegant and I could see a smudge where a tear had made the ink run. I pictured someone writing this short goodbye, crying with the heaviness of their decision. I felt sadness well up inside me. I suddenly felt a longing for whoever it was that went missing. If only I knew who Anonymous was. I would let them know they are not alone, they did not need to escape, we could have dealt with life’s blows together, as friends.

I took the letter home with me.

Be Brief.


8 thoughts on “A letter in the path.

  1. I really enjoyed your piece but I do have a question. Why wasn’t the letter passed on? Why did she take it home with her and not share this new found knowledge? I do not mean this in a judgemental way I am only curious.

    • The message can be passed on verbally. She took the letter home because she felt the loneliness of the writer and wanted to keep the letter and give it a home. So if ever someone comes back to the place where the letter was written they can find the friend they were needing.

  2. Great job, drew me in to the point of feeling sad and forgetting this was a fictional piece. You have a gift for describing the place, the letter and even the person who wrote the letter in a way that makes it all come to life. I really enjoy reading your work.

    This is and area I need to work on.

  3. Oh my gosh, the smudge of ink…This was beautiful but sad to read. Sometimes I walk around and see people. Driving, walking, sitting. And I wonder what’s going through their head and what they might be feeling. It’s hard to imagine that it could be something like the person expressed in this letter.

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