A Perfect view.

A small wooden boat is what carries me across this lake. It is so still you can see every bright star reflected in it’s mirror like water. The moon shines with the light from a thousand suns. Perfectly white and round, glowing bright and full. Dark outlines of trees are barely visible on the shoreline. The sky is black only freckled white by the stars and the moon. I’m waiting for something. Its so cold the breath escaping me leaves a trail of vapor that dances in the air around my face. All I can hear is the sound of my own breathing. Isolation keeps this place pristine. Crisp, clean air untarnished by man. No lights that blind you from the beauty that is about to occur. I’m waiting for something amazing. I see clouds are starting to roll in. Only recognizable by the shape, a dark grey contrasting with the black of the sky. Slowly at first, and then all at once clouds are rushing over me. The most alluring green ignites suddenly from the clouds in waves of rolling beauty dancing in the sky overhead. A green so dazzling its like emerald fire flies are swarming the atmosphere, turning this way and then that way back so quickly you aren’t sure if it makes sense. The green subdues momentarily and the color comes back even more intense this time laced with magenta so beautiful I can’t bring myself to blink. I can’t miss even one moment of the tango of green and magenta being displayed before my very eyes as if there were magic in the night sky. I inhale sharply at the sight and the cold air burns my lungs along with the pure shock of the colors zooming around before me. Green and magenta, partners in the same dance. Rehearsed so many times before that each display is perfect and impulsive all in the same moment. Then, as suddenly as they appeared they are gone. It is black again, with only the moon and stars left in the sky. The clouds disappear behind the black night. I am alone in the wooden boat, in the still lake. That is what I was waiting for.

A room with a view.


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