Unlock the mind.

If you are unlocking something doesn’t that mean it was locked in the first place? Who locked up your mind? Why are we so shut off from the world? Is technology dehumanizing? Us. Our emotions. Our lives. Our minds. The mind is such a beautiful thing. It shouldn’t be closed off from the world. It is amazing, mysterious, breath taking, and magical. Everything we have, this entire world. Is the work of minds. Creative minds, engineering minds, driven minds. Imagine all the discoveries we have made. Curious minds made them. Not locked away and shut off minds. But minds that are open to ideas and inspiration. Do not lock your mind. Dig deep, think of how much the mind can accomplish. Unlock the mind. The history, science , literature, math, and the technology of the world depend on it. We as humans depend on it. Free your mind, give your mind, unlock your mind.

Unlock the mind. 


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