Terrible 2’s.

So heres a quick update since the promotion. I am swamped with more work than ever. Seriously, I get homework from WORK. What in the universe is that crap. I am scheduled for 42.5 hours a week and it is killer. My morning shift starts the day off with lots of chaos and stress in all shapes and sizes. Really doesn’t help me prepare for the long days ahead of me. We are understaffed and over our staff to child ratio in the morning by at least 20 kids. Which means, trying to control a room full of 50 hyper school children at 7:00am doesn’t really work. Also, theres a child who is diabetic. Every morning I am required to give her a shot of insulin… did I mention I hate needles? Not even lying… I am a 24 year old woman who still cries when she has to get blood taken for the doctor and now I get to play nurse friggen Jackie every morning; it just really doesn’t float my boat. Anyways, Krystal! Krystal! Krystal! This girl is a gift from the gods. Seriously, we vent to each other, we work TOGETHER on our planning and curriculum, we share ideas. I do not think I would be a functioning human being if I didn’t have her these past two weeks to make everything unbearable somehow bearable.

We got our first major assignment finished and handed in on Friday, and then Rob (our most wonderful tyrant but somehow likable boss) just kept piling shit in the bucket of things we have to do. Then Friday next I’m at home all cozy cozy and BAM surprise email from Rob “Don’t go over your 30 hours please.” Excuse me?? 30!? It was my knowledge and YOUR schedule that says I have 42.5. Now I’m confused and stressed out again. Am I not getting my allotted 10 hours of “coordinator planning time” on top of my 12.5 hours of morning supervisory and 20 hours required OST participation? Because I am so sorry Robbie ol boy but I’m not working those 10 hours for free. Then he sends about 3 more various emails that were all equally aggravating. “Get your supply list in ASAP or Isabelle and Judy will supply you.” “Reminder, staff meeting.” “Make sure your staff aren’t punching in as there seems to be some confusion over how many hours they get.”  Couldn’t it wait until Monday Rob? You just had to stress me out this weekend.

On a more positive note… I made the (very expensive) decision to invest in a Macbook Air. My old crap-ass Toshiba from college doesn’t turn on anymore and honestly I don’t even think its been turned on in the past 10 months. I needed a computer to call my own to do work stuff on. I was using K’s but whenever I wanted to save something or if I needed it for an extended period of time I felt intrusive. Anyways, he offered to help me out and put it on his $2,000 credit card for me and I am going to just pay his bill off for him. The computer was on sale and I got another $100 off with my .edu email address so I actually got a really great deal even though it still cost $800 dollars after tax. I figured Mac’s are known for their lasting quality and this way I will be more motivated to go back to school. I’ve been toying around with the idea of taking some intro level Master’s classes online so I could start working towards another degree. Now that I have a super fancy, nice, beautiful, flawless, portable, easy to use laptop… I am really excited to start looking more into it.

Phew. That was a lot of information. It’s only been two weeks at this new job but it feels decades longer.


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