When you least expect it.

We meet people for a variety of reasons. Some people have fleeting roles in our lives. A touch as small as a hair brushing down your arm in a breeze. Some people have a much more lasting place in our lives. I’ve made lots of acquaintances in my life, which is fine. They’ve been temporary positions in my world, but they meant something good or bad regardless. I’m excited to start a new journey in my life. And to grow existing friendships.

I was promoted!! I am now a Site Coordinator for the YMCA after school program. My co-worker and new found friend Krystal was also given a coordinator position. The past week we have found comfort and solice in each other’s worries and apprehensions for our new positions. Today we had our first crash course in training.. and I do mean CRASH. Friday was the last day of summer camp and tomorrow is our first day of after school OST. Today we got an entirely too large to handle at such a short moments notice amount of information about our expectations and responsibilities. There’s so much to do in such a short amount of time it’s overwhelming.

I’m excited to have someone going through the exact same experience as me, to lean on and find support in. I’ve been much more nervous and scared about this job than I thought I would be. Having Krystal become a better friend these past 2 weeks has really helped me. And I hope to help her in return. We got a really big assignment today and we are planning a coffee date for tomorrow to start bouncing ideas around. Two minds are greater than one and I hope we get through this together.

I feel finally like my life is going in the direction it was meant to go. And I’m scared. I don’t want to fail and disappoint myself. For now I just need to remember to breath. Because things can happen when we least expect it. Opportunities, people, places. They are unexpected.

Note to self: Expect the unexpected, and breath.


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