A series of horrible events.

Well, after my last post I proceeded to go to the gym 2 weeks in a row for a total of 10 days at the gym. I felt good. I was proud of myself for having went and stuck to it. Well… after two weeks I weighed in. I was utterly fucking shocked to the results. I GAINED ten pounds. I wasn’t expecting to lose much maybe 1 or 2 pounds because I just started and was working my way up to a more vigorous regimen. Oh was I  totally pissed. I did a lot of googling and determined that I had gained a few pounds of muscle, as well as the fact that my body wasn likely retaining water to compensate for my sudden increase in physical activity.

That was 2 Fridays ago. The following Saturday I went to get my hair done. Long story short, I went in to get a cut and color. My hair was supposed to be this dark purple plum brown color. I was needing a drastic change from my butt length, black hair. Anyways, she messed up and my hair ended up green. I’m so miserable about how I look now more than ever it sucks so bad.

So now, the Monday after the worst two days ever I lost a hubcap after hitting a huge sink hole. I mean not really a big deal but it was just one more bad thing that happened to me. I also got a letter on Tuesday saying I was no longer for the healthcare I just got in January.

I literally feel as though the universe has been against me the past two weeks. I stopped going to the gym. I don’t even care anymore. I tried to fix my hair and now instead of neon green it’s like a dark forest green. I really can’t win. Work has been like moderately okay. Not really great. I’m just thankful that wasn’t horrible as well.

I did a lot of crying. I mean a lot. Like hysterical sobs in my bed type of crying. Honestly I just needed to restart. So I’ve been taking this week off. On Monday I’m going to start going back to the gym. And hopefully get my healthcare situation straightened out. There’s really nothing I can do about my hair for a while.

Anyways, that’s my past 2.5 weeks. And it sucked. And I hate life right now.


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