Well… I did it.

After my post last week, I started going to the gym on Tuesday. So far since then I’ve been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and I did cardio at home on Saturday as well as walked around shopping for 4 hours Saturday night. Sunday was my rest day. I just got back from my sixth day at the gym. My body is so sore but it feels worth it. I don’t get sleepy in the early afternoon anymore. It’s easier for me to stay up past dinner time. I feel less irritable at work.

When I went shopping I spent about $250 dollars. I bought myself some nice sports bras, some workout clothes, and a sweet pair of Nike’s for the gym. The Nike’s were about $70 bucks but my feet need a good pair of shoes. I have flat feet and my whack Champion sneakers make my feet sore and my right foot goes numb a little bit. So event though I spent a lot of money I spent it on things I really needed… I also bought myself a new purse because I needed a new one and it was a little reward for myself.

There’s been some changes at work too. They are moving me to another site. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Of course I will miss my kids but I can’t wait to escape the torment of my over working, under appreciative boss. My new boss is a girl about 2 years older than me and she’s really cool. She has a lot of good ideas, she doesn’t make her employees do her work. She’s much more organized and personable. I start at that site today. So I’m in a really good mood post-work out.

The next step to weight loss and being healthy is to start eating healthier. I don’t have to be a total health nut but I’m going to start by making healthier decisions. Smaller portions to start with and fresh vegetables instead of canned or frozen. Buy healthier snack food. Etc.

Anyways I’m so tired right now I don’t even know what else to write about. Haha. I think I’m just feeling overwhelmed with the long road ahead of me. But I haven’t had this much determination since well… ever. Hoping I keep this up.


2 thoughts on “Well… I did it.

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be getting a new boss! A healthy work environment is so important!
    And good for you about going to the gym! I hope some of your dedication rubs off on me! Can’t remember the last time I went to my gym…

    • Thanks, my new boss is great so far. She actually does her job unlike my last boss who put it all on me and the other staff. Considering the pay differences in our positions I’m glad not to have those responsibilities anymore.

      And the gym is so tough, I haven’t made much progress yet but I’m trying to stick with it. I’m so disgusted with my image it makes me miserable and I’ve been seeing all these posts about how you can’t get anything without hard work. I hope it pays off though!! I even bought my very first pair of very expensive sneakers lol

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