A little good, a little bad.

It’s March! I’m finally settling into the new apartment, literally everything is put away or hung up except this one mirror. It feels good to know everything is in its place (my inner OCD coming out). The people here are so pleasant. So far I’ve met the people who live in the first floor apartments. There’s Jude and her husband who’s name I didn’t get yet. They are an adorable old couple, the guy looks like the old guy from Up, which is a lovely sad Disney movie if you didn’t know. Then in the other apartment is a woman named Lisa, who I met today while I was waiting for her to get her laundry. I’ve also met this nice Russian lady from the second floor named Olga and her son Oliver, I also met her husband for a brief moment but I didn’t catch his name. The other second floor apartment remains a mystery so far. Then on the third floor next to us is a kind and bubbly woman named Rene, who’s mother is Jude from the first floor. I am entirely jealous of Rene getting to have her mom and dad right there. Not the mom part, I’d only like to have my dad live close. As a matter of fact there’s an apartment for rent in the other building of these apartments that I keep telling my dad to check out. Hahaha, he’d be so annoyed at how much I bugged him although I know he would take full advantage of living so close to my Xbox.

I don’t have to work much this week. K has his wisdom teeth surgery on Tuesday so I took off 2 mornings and 1 afternoon so I can help him for the first 2 days of post care. Honestly I don’t mind missing work so much. I’ve been feeling really down lately and I’ve been wanting to read but I haven’t found the time for it. There’s also something I wish to write a post about but haven’t had the proper time to give it some thought. I’m hoping he will mostly be sleeping and I can just mosey about for the day.

I haven’t been feeling well lately. I feel like I’m just deteriorating. My body always aches or I always feel sick. My foot constantly hurts because I have flat feet and it’s my belief I’ve developed plantar fasciitis. Then once in a while my knee acts up from when I got in a car crash and ripped the muscles that hold your knee cap in place. Moving upwards there’s my lower back which constantly throbs. My neck and shoulders though are the most persistently painful part of my body. I carry a lot of tension in my neck and I’m always tense in the throat. I’m constantly stretching, bending, and cracking my neck to get a few minutes of relief. My body felt so much better in general when I was doing yoga but after how much pain I was in from the move I stopped doing it for a while and haven’t gotten back to it, which I need to do. Then there’s the migraines. This is what’s been effecting me lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been using my glasses more (usually I wear contacts) or if it’s stress or even a combination of both. Four out of five work days last week I had a migraine and I had one briefly last night that was even more painful… then I had another one today. I don’t feel like going to a doctor, I never do. They always tell me I’m fat like I don’t already know. “Your weight is an issue, you should really work on that.” “Wow Dr, I didn’t even realise this, thanks for pointing it out.” Do they think I’m stupid? They never suggest anything helpful. Last time I went to a doctor he didn’t even fix the problem I went there for. Got some antibiotics that didn’t work and he didn’t seem to be too worried that my ears still throb and bother me almost two years later. Not that I don’t like the guy, he’s honestly one of the least annoying doctors I’ve ever had. I just hate going knowing my weight will be talked about. For the millionth time.

Chaos. This is the word I use to describe my life right now. So much is going on, at work, at home, with my friends, inside myself. In all honesty, it sucks.


One thought on “A little good, a little bad.

  1. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your new apartment. Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so yucky. Have you ever gone for massage? That’s something that really helped me with all of the physical side effects of my stress and depression. I know it’s expensive if you don’t have coverage (alas, I don’t anymore) but sometimes the local colleges have discounted ones with the students in training. Take care and enjoy your time off! xx

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