One kids vacation is another person’s nightmare.

Last weak really devoured me whole… didn’t even bother to spit me back out. Last Monday marked the first day of February vacation week for schools, thus symbolizing me having to work from 6:30am to 4:00pm without my usual 2 shifts and a break routine. I hate being the first one at work during a vacation week, you have to dragged over a bunch of games and binders and other materials that don’t all fit in your arms while trying to unlock the front door and not spill a coffee all at the same time. It stinks.

Anyways, being the first one there also means I get yelled at by parents who are upset at the administration office for not filing their paperwork which of course is my fault because I apparently should have done it even though that’s not my department. Then before 10am on Monday I had a kid with Tourettes tell a girl to “put your lips on my penis” when he has no vocal tics. All his tics are physical but he didn’t know his doctor told us so he is constantly being perverted and trying to get away with it. That set the mood for the whole week. I tried to avoid his groups at all costs because honestly I don’t have the patience for him. He used to be a regular member of the after school program and I dealt with him daily for months on end and I was not in a good place last week so I let someone else deal with him.

So not only did I have a more grueling schedule because it was vacation week but Wednesday was also the big move. I took Wednesday “off” even though I got up just as early and did more physical labor dragging my crap up to the third floor than I would have done at work. Being that I’m extremely out of shape this killed me. Thursday I was so sore and I could barely move around enough to walk around at work with my group of kids. I was so sore I had trouble falling asleep AND waking up. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and I couldn’t. Thursday and Friday dragged so slowly I literally thought I was stuck in time. Friday my group was particularly rambunctious and annoying. I had a 3rd grader tell me he wished he had a bomb so he could blow up the teen center. So that was fun. Not. Friday I got to go home early thank goodness!!! I went home and lounged in my pajamas after a short trip to the supermarket to grab some food because my dad was coming over Saturday for dinner.

Saturday morning comes and I take K to work. On the drive home was when I got the call about my fluffy little monster, Gizmo, being sick. So my first day of relaxing was ruined by sadness. I went home and sobbed for an hour or two. My dad came over later and I tried to have a relaxing evening with him; playing Xbox with your 53 year old dad is always fun. Sunday evening however my mom called and said Gizmo was doing much better although he still needs to be watched closely, THANK YOU WORLD!!! Still a little sad that he almost died and nervous for his health in the future but I video chatted with my dog (yes I know I am strange) and he seemed less out of it so I’m hoping he keeps improving.

Monday we went back to our normal work hours. Yesterday between my two shifts I literally just read for 2.5 hours then had a quick lunch and went to work. I also convinced K to order food because I didn’t feel like cooking.

Today has started out alright, morning shift was rather smooth except an incident between a boy with autism and another child arguing weather or not superman had ice breath… but luckily I wasn’t there for that, I was doing bus call so the other two staff had to deal with it.

I’m also looking forward to going to lunch with my friend from work, Ilyssa, and catching up. We have a lot in common and struggle with a lot of the same issues so it’s always nice to spend time with someone who understands me.

That’s all for now! Happy Tuesday people!


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