Snow day.

So today I had a snow day off of work… this is a conflicting time for me. I’m elated to have another day off after those terrible two weeks I was put in charge during my boss’s leave of absence… however I’m worrisome for my next paycheck now because of this. Last Friday I took a sick day because I was experiencing horrid migraines and nausea, then Monday was a holiday so the kids didn’t have school, and then today we got called on account of snow. That’s 18 hours I’m missing. Oh my goodness… I just realized this is quite a large amount of my check. Great so now I have to scramble next pay period.

Anyways… now that my anxiety is through the roof, today was quite pleasant for a snow day. The snow wasn’t too bad to shovel given the fact that it remained light and fluffy throughout the night. My dad came by to pick me up so I could get my car out of his garage where I parked it for the blizzard. Then he fixed a few things in my engine and I came home, cleaned the entire apartment, and relaxed the rest of the day. I wouldn’t have cleaned except for the fact that Lola drags cat liter all over the bathroom and there was rock salt all over the kitchen floor that I brought in on my shoes from outside.

Here’s how my day was list wise:

1. Be active/ do something physical/ exercise for 20-30 minutes.
Double check. I shoveled the driveway with Kane and my very kind neighbor who helped us for 40 minutes. Also, when I came in and got warm I did some light yoga for 20 minutes. Also I broke another sweat cleaning the house for 40 minutes.

2. Drink no more than 4 cups of coffee and tea combined.
I drank only 2 cups, more than yesterday but much needed after freezing while I cleared the driveway of its unwanted guest.

3. Drink 4 cups or more of water a day.
Check!! I actually drank 5, partly due to all the physical activity.

4. Cook something healthy with/ for dinner.
I did resort to pasta but it was a medley with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and onions, and I am having strawberries as a snack right now. I had multi grain tortillas and some spinach dip… which I think is a little bad and a little good. So not a bad day food wise.

5. Play with the cat for 15 minutes.
Played with her and the laser again. She chases it around the room so fast!

6. Read for 30 minutes (or more).
I did not read for 30 minutes I read a very small chapter of my Kindle book probably took more like 5 minutes.

7. Do something fun or relaxing. (Other than reading.)
Omg yes. I watched 3 of my shows that were new on Hulu and while I did that I painted my nails. Also when I took a shower I lit some scented candles in the bathroom with me and had some good old aroma therapy. πŸ™‚

Despite my nerves about my money situation today was alright. I would conclude this as a successful day… I’m still feeling nauseous / heartburn… could this be my sudden increase in fruits and vegetables? Not sure if I should be worried but for now I took some antacids and I’m going to call it a day. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.


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