Thank goodness today is over.

1. Be active/ do something physical/ exercise for 20-30 minutes.
Walked around at work all day, if I felt like I was sitting too long I tried to get up for a while. I also just did 25 minutes of yoga after a hot shower. Feeling semi relaxed after a long day.

2. Drink no more than 4 cups of coffee and tea combined.
I only had one, a small cup at work… which was terribly watered down.

3. Drink 4 cups or more of water a day.
I’m on number 3… But I also had a vitamin water does that count? Going to do my best to make it 4 before bed as I know my water consumption has been lacking the past few weeks which is why this item is on my list. (Just a side note I know you’re supposed to drink 8 a day but I struggle as it is.)

4. Cook something healthy with/ for dinner.
Made homemade beef and fresh broccoli, added some spinach just to get in extra veggies. Not the healthiest… I wasn’t in a good mood after work and didn’t make an effort on dinner. Partly because it’s snowing and this weather depresses me. Probably going to cut up a few strawberries because I don’t feel healthy today.

5. Play with the cat for 15 minutes.
I made Kane play with her because she attacked me the whole time I did yoga/ I tried to get her to sit on me while I did it. She is very energetic…. this item is on my list for her as well as me so I figured since I wasn’t up to play time then someone should do it.

6. Read for 30 minutes (or more).
I only read for about 20 minutes. My mind is tired today, got a snow day off from work tomorrow so I’m hoping (after I shovel) that I can sit and relax with a book.

7. Do something fun or relaxing. (Other than reading.)
I think I’m going to watch a show on Netflix or Hulu. Honestly though I really just want to go to sleep.

I’m surprised I even did this much. Driving on the way to work I felt really nauseated and when I got there I experienced a huge headache and the entire day just went by so slow because it was dark and gray and snowy. I knew the whole time the drive home would be dangerous so every minute I was forced to be there just dragged on endlessly. I am not looking forward to shoveling over a foot of snow tomorrow… I’m hoping to still do yoga as well but well see how the cold and wet weather dampens my spirits. I’m glad I accomplished doing yoga though, I’ve only been trying it for 3 days so far but my body feels more relaxed and my aches are lessening. So I did manage to grab a class schedule at work today but all the yoga classes are scheduled during my shifts. Looks like it’s the regular ole boring gym for me… if I can get motivated enough for that. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “Thank goodness today is over.

  1. I’m glad you are liking yoga! If you are exhausted after shoveling, you can always just curl up in a child’s pose for a few minutes, relax and then see how things feel.
    I love your point about the kitty. 😉

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