Today started out bad, but it blossomed quite nicely.

Today I took K to the dentist. He hasn’t been in years. Needless to say, it wasn’t great news.
So our day started off with him whining about the results of his check up. His wisdom teeth need to come out. They are impacted. I told him about how when I was getting mine out that all 4 wisdom teeth were impacted downwards into my bone and they had to break my jaw open in order to pull my teeth out and there is no way his could be worse than that and nothing will go wrong during surgery that could cause him to lose nerve endings in his face, because for whatever reason that’s whats bugging him. Then I had to drag him to my grandmother’s house to do laundry with me and he was less than polite to her. But she told him the same thing I did and not to worry, so we went home and I put away the laundry and sat on the couch browsing the internet for a little while when I discovered some nice beginner yoga poses to do and convinced myself to do them and get motivated. This was approximately 3:00pm before I decided to get off my ass and stop letting his bad mood put me in one as well. And as a matter of fact after I dragged him around Stop & Shop his mood improved. When we got home I also found the drive to put away the dishes from the dishwasher which I had been avoiding all day. So all in all I accomplished more than I would have expected for how my day started out.

1. Be active/ do something physical/ exercise for 20-30 minutes.
Check. I found some beginner yoga poses and did 11 of them for about a minute each. I also did squats and wall push ups for 15 minutes. Plus after a tumultuous morning I convinced my boyfriend to go to the supermarket where we walked around for 30 minutes.

2. Drink no more than 4 cups of coffee and tea combined.
Check. I only drank 2 cups of coffee.

3. Drink 4 cups or more of water a day.
Check. 4 cups down.

4. Cook something healthy with/ for dinner.
Almost didn’t complete this one, I had nothing really to cook and so I was just going to make pasta but after having pasta and a brownie yesterday I finally talked Kane into going to the grocery store with me and I got some great stuff. I decided to make tacos but I used 98% lean ground turkey instead of beef and I cut up fresh tomatoes and bought lettuce to go on them too. I did put cheese. But it was low-fat shredded. Also there was salsa which is all veggies and seasoning anyways so that’s good for you.

Lastly for a dessert/ snack I made a yogurt parfait with granola and sliced strawberries. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was frighten delicious.


5. Play with the cat for 15 minutes.
Um. Check? She did yoga with me…. aka climbed on me. I guess I should play with her. I’ll do it after this.

6. Read for 30 minutes (or more).
Check x 2.

7. Do something fun or relaxing. (Other than reading.)
Blogging has becoming surprisingly relaxing for me. I did one of the WordPress blog pages weekly writing challenges which was pretty fun. And also playing on my Kindle Fire HDX that my dad got me for Christmas. Plus I did laundry at my grandma’s house which is fun for me, she’s a riot. At 79 she’s still working and could kick your ass if you back talk her. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

After day 2 I’m feeling pretty good. Got some healthy food in me today and I really liked the yoga poses I learned. This pose called The Crow (I think) really makes my arms shake!! If you are interested in the poses here is the link for the site I found them on:
11 Beginner Yoga Poses


2 thoughts on “Today started out bad, but it blossomed quite nicely.

    • Thank you! Yeah she was a trip, had no idea what was going on and kept licking my face. And I only did the beginner pose with my feet still touching the ground lol I’m hoping to get them off the ground in a couple weeks.

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