My life needs some serious changes.

I’ve talked about this before briefly I believe but recently I’ve been thinking most about my health, diet, and my budgeting.

1. I need to stop drinking soda and eating so much junk food. It’s bad for your stomach lining, the amount of sugar in it is bad for you because sugar has empty calories and diet soda is known to cause cancer. Sugar is also bad for your teeth and I put sugar in tea and coffee neither of which I am prepared to part with so I’m starting with soda. Since New Years Day I’m pretty sure I haven’t had any soda, I was trying to recall today and I don’t think I’ve drank any yet this year so from now on I’m going to continue this habit of not drinking soda. And I usually grab an afternoon snack before work like Smart Food Popcorn, gummy bears, anything I can munch on to get me through the day. So I think from now on if I feel the need to grab a snack I’ll probably get some type of water or juice and I’ll have to come up with some healthy snack ideas to bring from home.

2. I need to start some type of physical regimen. I hate working out. I hate it more than I hate anything in the world. I go in, already self conscious looking like a blob trying to work out next to these damn women who are already skinny and gorgeous and here I am… the only overweight person in the gym. However, before the New Year and all the resolutions that come with it I felt myself gaining weight again. I always naturally lose about 15 pounds during summer and then gain it all back in the winter. So I need to start doing something. I’m sick of this cycle. But I also hate working out. I figure step one is stop being lazy. I’ve decided that I should park farther away at work. I work 2 shifts a day, so that’s 4 times a day I walk to my car equalling to 20 times a week I walk to my car. So needless to say if I park farther this will surely increase my physical activity. Also I work at the YMCA. We have workout classes that run every night almost and they start at 6:00pm right when my shift ends as well as all throughout the day. I want to go at least once a week. I just need to find the right type of class as well as one that fits in with my schedule.

3. I need to start watching my spending habits. Last month I bought breakfast or a coffee at DD every morning. This month I have definitely lowered that, and this week particularly I only did so once. I think that’s a good way to start. Limit morning / afternoon DD runs. I’ve decided that I work hard and deserve one a week, until my finances improve, upon which my DD allowance will increase to 2 times a week, in contingency with my plans to work out more. But I told myself that I am only allowed the 2 a week if I follow through with my plans to join a workout class.

After going through all my crazy thoughts and organizing them into this post I guess this doesn’t seem like so much to handle. The only thing I need to work on is getting my ass to a class once a week. I have to find a schedule of all the classes and then I really wanted to find a work out buddy to go with me. I really hate going to stuff like that alone, same with the gym. I want to eventually go to the gym once a week as well. But that’s going to take some courage that I need to muster up. So for now I suppose I will just work on doing one of the classes. I’m thinking yoga? Zumba seems too intense for me to begin with.

For now I’m going to bed, took the day off of work because I’ve been feeling under the weather… which I’m pretty sure is due to all the stress I’ve been under at home and at work but the wrinkles are slowly starting to iron out… slowly. Also it’s a three day weekend so I’m going to try and relax and I will park extra far at work starting on Tuesday and I thought a short week is a good week to start, and also gives me time to find a class and a buddy. Feeling anxious but ready for change.


5 thoughts on “My life needs some serious changes.

  1. Hey there! You’re on the right pass! So don’t give up. Now that you know what your goals are, come up with a plan. Like, you don’t have to cut out drinking soft drinks all at once, just start out by reducing a number of cans; the same goes for the exercise, don’t start going to a gym every single day, because you may burn out, start with maybe 2 workouts at a gym and quick workouts here and there at home. Also to help you out with spending, start an agenda where you write down ALL of your expenses: every single coffee, chocolate bar, etc. When you’ll have a look at the list at the end of a month, you’ll be horrified to see how much eating out can add up to and it will motivate you to start making small adjustments. I hope this helps. But most importantly, cheer up and believe in yourself. As long as you are willing to make some changes, you’ll be able to act on that. 🙂


  2. Good luck! I hate working out at the gym too. What I’ve found to help is sports. If it’s fun and your team is counting on you, you’re more likely to go. I really recommend trying yoga. It’s helpful both exercise-wise and stress-wise. And, once you know the poses, if you are doing it right, you aren’t paying attention to anyone else in the room. It’s all about you.

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