I’ve been procrastinating everything, even writing this.

So this entire past week and almost a half, I’ve been suddenly thrust upon greatness when my boss’s mom died. They put me in charge. At first I was like “Cool so they think I can handle this.” Boy were they wrong. The first day I could smell troubling brewing in my morning position as AM Supervisor of Kids Care Program. Finally getting into the swing of my new title, some issues arise with a parent of a child there. He made complaints about me because I asked him not to call my staff a liar when she confronted him about his child’s poor behavior. And then he told me not to interrupt in a less than friendly manner, thus I asserted myself as a boss, and refused to allow him to bully me or an employee of mine. I definitely had an attitude but I did not yell.
Then there was my afternoon position. Monday me and my co-worker, Jake, showed up for our shift at 2:00pm. Both wondering where our boss was, but also not that worried as it meant we could be a little bit more relaxed. Around 3:30 that day the big boss came over from next door and told me Chris has a family emergency and won’t be in all week… meaning I was in charge.
I should have known. It was like a bad omen hitting me right on the face. All the kids that day were particularly uncontrollable. Refusing to do homework, running around the lobby, leaving the room without permission, picking on each other. One kid just joined the program who had previously been in another program with less rules. So of course he was the ring leader that day. Which meant I had to correct his behavior. Anyways, his sister told their mom I single him out and he’s the only one who gets yelled at and I said he’s the most annoying kid there.

Of course she calls Rob and tells him what her daughter said. None of which is true. So now I had to deal with the backlash on that. I got in trouble twice in two days. Good record huh? Needless to say after Tuesday I spent Wednesday through Friday doing absolutely nothing of any importance or value whatsoever. My initial excitement at being trusted with being a stand in coordinator faded… fast.

I was supposed to get the kids paperwork to sign up for their enrichment programs, I didn’t. I was supposed to make a lesson plan for the Babysitting Safety Course I teach for the enrichment program, I didn’t. I was supposed to do winter arts and crafts with the kids, I didn’t.

On top of all this splendid work week I have a bunch going on in my home life as well. My to-do list is literally a mile long and I only did approximately 2 things on there. Coming into this Thursday and Friday I’m slowly gathering my strength and any needed resources to accomplish some things on my to-do list by the end of Sunday. I’m also trying to start some personal help for myself as well. Working out, budgeting, etc.

I’m giving myself two more days to procrastinate and then I need to figure this shit out.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been procrastinating everything, even writing this.

  1. Eek, sounds like a terrible week! I’m stressed just reading about it. But be kind to yourself. You didn’t ask for the responsibility or have a chance to plan for it. All you can do is give it your best. Perhaps some time out to meditate or take deep breaths can help. And good for you for sticking up for your employee!
    Only one more day! 🙂

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