Never thought getting up at 5am everyday could be so rewarding.

At first when I took my promotion… I was dreading the early hours, driving to work before the sun came up, and the extra responsibility that comes with the bragging rights of calling myself the morning supervisor. The first couple of days didn’t really go too well. On my first day I had to write up a girl for being really rude and disrespectful to a staff. Needless to say her mom probably didn’t appreciate the voicemail I left her that day. The next day I had a mentally challenged child get mad that the other children didn’t want to play with him and run up and down the hallways, screaming at the top of his lungs so hard his entire face turned red. One of my staff had to chase him back and forth through the hall Scooby-doo style. Then I had a kid get money stolen. So it’s been a rough first week on the job.

This week we have full day child care because of the Christmas vacation. I’ve been tasked with the responsibility of opening the Teen Center every morning. I’m the only one there for a full hour at 6:30am. I’m totally astounded that I went from a lowly worker ant to an ant with her own mailbox and a higher pay grade.

Surprisingly, being exhausted from lack of sleep and extra responsibility hasn’t hampered my life. As a matter of fact, I’d say it improved it. I used to hate showing up to my after school shift… knowing my hippie, vegetarian, classical-music-listening boss would be there to say something condescending, or treat everyone else better than he treats me. Because despite the fact that I’m the only female staff remaining at the Teen Center (everyone else quit), I’m also the hardest worker. But now I don’t feel so put down by all that. Since I have the morning supervisor position now I feel like someone has finally recognized my hard work. And now when my boss is off the premises I am officially the second in command. It feels good. I’ve been leas irritable at home. I still have my moments don’t get me wrong but on a more general day to day I don’t feel so… stagnant. I feel accomplished and proud of myself that I earned this new position.
I’ve never been proud of myself before. My mom used to always put me down and I had it in my head that I was nothing. Just worthless and random. Now I feel like I’m important. I’m somebody… even if only at the Y. Now I get to say I’m someone important.


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