Surprisingly; I got a mini-promotion.

So as I have mentioned before getting a better job is forever on my to-do list. Two weeks ago I was called into the office of my boss’s boss. Totally terrified, I made my way to the main building of the YMCA awaiting what I thought was certain doom.

When I sat down Rob was smiling and that was scary cause I have never seen this man smile at me. But anyways, he told me how the morning supervisor found a full time position elsewhere and I was his first choice as a replacement. I accepted of course. Better title = better pay. I still have my after school position 2:00pm to 6:00pm but now I’m the supervisor for morning child care 6:30am to 9:00am.

I was busy training recently this Thursday and Friday morning and I really like the position. The kids are younger than the ones I have now so it’s a good change and the responsibilities are no different than the ones I have been used to at the Teen Center. So it’s esay money for me.

There is only one thing I’ve been worrying more about now since I got offered this job. While Rob was telling me that I got offered the position he made a comment about my car… Which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that my car is 23 years old and needs to be laid to rest at the nearest junk yard. He said “I know you had some car trouble recently, I mean we all do. But for this position you need to be here early so you gotta figure that shit out.” Pretty intimidating.

So my car was giving me high blood pressure before this comment, now every morning I’ve been starting my car 45 minutes before I have to leave so if something goes wrong I have time to “Figure that shit out,” as Rob said.

I guess all-in-all I’m a bit happier knowing that I’ll be getting more money for each paycheck I get. So its a step in the right direction.

I’ve been meaning to call my loan company because I submitted a payment forbearance that either didn’t go through or they need more information. So now I’m about a month over due on my payments again because I get so overwhelmed thinking about all the debt that hangs above my head like a piano in a cartoon that whenever I have time to call I just don’t even bother.

So even though I have a little bit of a better job now, there’s always my impeding list of things that need to be done…. procrastination and I have become very close friends lately.


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