The day before Thanksgiving was a disaster.


So as I was preparing myself, on this rainy Sunday afternoon, to sit down with a random independent film on Netflix and to write a blog post. My Salada tea always has this little thought blurb (or whatever you want to call it) on the tag. Today it said “Never write about a wrong.” I find this ironic as I am about to tell you about the worst day of my life… well at least the worst day of this year.

I had to get up early to go back to the mechanics for the fourth time in the past two weeks. So I set my alarm for 6:30am. When I got up it was my usual routine; pee, tea, get dressed, out the door. I arrived at the mechanics at 7:30am. I was surprised I wasn’t late because it was seriously raining so much I though I’d have to stop for a boat ride on the way!! And it was so windy as soon as I opened the door a huge gust of wind slammed the car door shut and nearly took off my foot. So after I got there I dropped my keys off with the front desk and went to watch TV in their waiting room. After only about 10 minutes of waiting I got a call from my boyfriend (let’s call him K) at home. The weather was so bad, the wind and rain were ripping roof tiles off our roof and there was a very steady leak in our living room. He described it like running water and not just a “drip…drip” type of leak.

So now this brings me to my landlord. This guy is the worst landlord on the face of the planet. During summer we had no air conditioning. We couldn’t open the windows because there were no screens and our apartment also has no ceiling fans… there are switches for them but he was too lazy to put them in, so we nearly died of heatstroke twice a day. It took him 3 months just to buy an a/c unit and install it, we had air conditioning just in time for winter. So now I have to call him with an emergency situation. K’s at home with two trash cans under the leak so the living room doesn’t flood and this guy wont answer the damn phone. So I called him about 20 times in an hour. I know that seems ridiculous, but we even had a day were we came home and our door was open and he didn’t even care. He gave us a new lock and then never installed it so… needless to say I didn’t trust him to do his job and come fix the Hoover Dam in my living room ceiling. So he finally answers the phone and got a tarp over the roof by noon.

After getting in touch with him I went up to the front desk of the mechanics and asked if they knew how much longer until my car was ready. The guy was like “Oh we didn’t even look at it yet, we thought you went home.” Like… I have very clearly been sitting in the waiting room, which is easily visible by the front desk via a big bay window. So now I ask him to rush my car in as I’ve been sitting in the waiting room for over two and a half hours… this starts an entirely new problem for the day. I might be late to work. So now I text my boss, tell him what’s going on, and he’s a douche bag to me as usual. I didn’t even say I wasn’t coming in. I just said I might be late but that there was a chance I would still be on time. So of course that means he’s rude to me like everyone else in the world on this most dreadful day.

Fast forward. I get my car on time to not be late from work. So I get in my car and start heading over to work a bit early because the mechanics was near my job and it was really just too treacherous to drive home then back to work. The weather was monsoon-like. So my drivers side window doesn’t roll down the right way (being that its an old crank window almost 22 years old). The mechanic must have rolled my window down for whatever reason, and when he rolled it back up he half-assed it so the window wasn’t sitting correctly. Of course I did not know this because those mechanics are a joke and just think they can break things in my car without telling me because its a piece of shit. Well my piece of shit car has feelings too buddy. Anyways, on the way to work I hit a pothole and BAM! my window flies down. I almost thought it fell OUT of the car entirely, because it happened so quick. And just my luck a big truck decides that he doesn’t care if its pouring cats and dogs and hes going to speed anyways… well he sped right through a puddle and splashed me with so much water I was soaked all the way through my jacket and sweatshirt. So now I must proceed to work with my window down, and once I get there I will be doomed to spend the entire day, soggy and exhausted.

Never in my life had I felt that the universe was so against me. I nearly had a mental breakdown when I got to work. I woke up early, didn’t mind the rainy drive. And I was more than happy to sit in the waiting room and read my book! I wasn’t putting up any type of bad energy about having to be at the mechanics, and I wasn’t bitching about the weather either. But for some reason all this wonderfully horrible stuff just needed to happen all on the same day.

When I got home that night I could not wait for Thanksgiving day to come the next morning. I just wanted to relax at my Grandma’s house with all my crazy family. Every family gathering is a big pile of ball-busting, bladder spilling, side-splitting jokes. So needless to say this disastrous, horrible, miserable, cold and wet, disgusting day… made me even more thankful that I have the eccentric family I was born into.

So even though this day was probably one of the worst days in my adult life… I gained something from it. I love my family. Getting to be surrounded by them the next day it made life seem not-so-bad after all.


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