Overwhelmed, as usual.

Today, unlike any other day, my “to-do” list is 10 items strong, and of course they aren’t simple. It’s all stuff that involves hours on the phone with my loan companies or hours on the internet filling out forms and various paperwork. Plus one thing that’s on my “to-do” list every day (whether I write it down or not) is to find a better paying job, because I have about $90,000 worth of school loan debt which is always the source and fuel for countless fights between me and my mother.

People will tell you “Go to college, you’ll get a great job and be better off for your education” blah blah blah. Well guess what? I went to college and those people are liars. I studied Forensic Psychology for four years and have graduated with a B.A. in Psychology concentrated w/ Forensics and guess what my job is? I work with kids in an after school program at the YMCA… and no it is not fun to stay there. Every time I apply to a job that would be relevant to my degree they say “Oh its too bad you don’t have a Masters” or “don’t you think you should get some more experience first?” How on Earth am I supposed to get experience if NO ONE WILL GIVE ME A CHANCE!? I honestly don’t understand the logic behind that at all.

Everyone always talks about how important college is and it will be better for your career… so I went to college and now everyone is saying how I should have gotten more experience and I should go back for my Masters… I might as well just keep getting degrees and stay a college student until I die!! THEN will my life mean something? Maybe if I learn all I can learn and have a degree in everything then maybe I might get a job that pays more than minimum wage… who am I kidding that would never work because I still wouldn’t have any experience under my belt.


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